Should my Website be Mobile Friendly

The most successful businesses these days leverage themselves with Mobile Apps and websites. Apps take time and cost a fortune, but mobile friendly websites are a much less costly in time and money.

Google has infact decided that mobile friendliness is what they prefer. So it follows that unless you do not depend on google for your leads, you should be mobile friendly.

Google apart, what are your reasons to go mobile friendly?

  1. Your customers are increasingly going mobile.
  2. You should be knowing from your shop floor experience that people use mobiles as an extension of their brain. It comes intuitively. If your website does not fit in, you are on the dumps slowly, but surely.
  3. Ecommerce is dying. MCommerce is in
  4. All major banks and service providers give preference to transactions on Mobile phones. Major e commerce websites are already mobile friendly and most have their own apps.
  5. Mobile phones are personal
  6. You gather more insights on the customer from a mobile than you would ever from brick and mortar or classic websites. You would agree that knowing your customer does help gain business.
  7. It increases your service to the customer. Provided you respond properly,
  • They could be on a traffic and looking for something. I guess you would be able to fathom the myriad of options available in such a scenario.
  • They could place an order and pick it up on their way home.
  • They could make sure you fetch what they want before they turn up on the shop.
  1. It is the first step to your own mobile app.
  2. You could venture into making your own app with a clear vision if you have a mobile friendly website.
  3. People are not willing to read verbose web pages. Mobile friendly websites need to be focussed and deliver the exact content which the client needs. A guy on a road block visits you on his mobile, using a google search for nearby joints and takes a left and lands at your place. That is the kind of traffic you should expect and naturally you should pamper him by being to the point, precise and forthright.

Summing up

People at google are not fools.It helps your bottom line to follow their way and make your website mobile friendly. If you can serve your existing clients better while gathering a few surprise visits at a small extra investment, why not?